The Maldives

girl in the Maldives

I have always dreamed of visiting The Maldives. ‘The places  you should see before you die’ type of list always have a spot reserved for The Maldives. My wanderlust was at its maximum by the time my husband- Alladin- booked the trip.


Alladin, planned this trip as a surprise, he didn’t tell me the destination nor what type of trip this is going to be; until the day before the flight, when he said pack for the beach! This is the first time is booked a surprise trip and I loved it.

I was so happy when I saw my boarding pass at the airport, and it said ‘The Maldives’. I was screaming of excitement!


Paradise island resort Maldives

The Maldives

When we reached Male, we immediately got on a speed boat to go to our resort. Most people spend most of their time in the resort, mostly because resorts in The Maldives are huge and sometimes they cover entire islands; also, unless you rented a speedboat (very expensive), it is difficult to arrange transportation.

Alladin did his research and decided to stay in the Paradise Island Resort.  We researched the island, and saw that it had lots of water activities that we can do. Some islands have limited activities, you might want to check this before booking your accommodation.

The first night, we stayed in a beach house in the resort. It was nothing extravagant, but the house was directly on the beach. The weather was perfect, the water was so blue and clean that you can see through it. We spent the first day (afternoon rather!), swimming and hanging out on the porch of the beach house.

The Beach in The Maldives beach house maldives

sand & beachbeach in The Maldives

I loved the beach house experience. If you are not ready to fuss about the details, you can experience the islands cheaper via a beach house.  I spent a lot of time strolling the island.  My tan started to develop pretty quickly. I packed  sunscreen, insect-repellent and conditioner and I went through them very quickly.

tanned girl

beach maldives


The next day we upgraded to the Water Villa. And that was something!

The Villas are very modern and luxurious with their own Jacuzzi & terrace! We spent most of our time in the Villa. The villas proved to be worth every penny.

It was like a dream with my own stairway to the sea. We swam next sharks & stingrays (Maldives species don’t bite, but be careful still!).

We ordered room service, hang out in the villa and fully enjoyed our exceptional accommodation.

water villa in the paradise island resort in maldives

I loved every bit of my trip to the Maldives.  Being on an island with your island mate (my husband!) made us both relax and get more in tune with nature. we did some parasailing, snorkeling, we fed sharks & stingrays  (forgot to mention that they are everywhere, and they are not harmful!).

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Travel Diary- The maldives




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