My Summer trip to Santiago de Chile

Alladin always wanted to go to Santiago. He often told me how he would love to retire there. So, it was obvious would be part of our South America Trip. 

Chile was as expected: calm, modern and intriguing. Santiago, in particular, was delightful. We loved touring all the main area from the Mercado Central to the Barrio Bellavista, the Moneda, San Cristobal Hill, Alameda, The Museum of History & Human rights…

We took a couple of Turistik buses around Santiago (to tour comfortably), and we stopped at many restaurants to get a flavor of the local cuisine: Baked clams, Grilled fish, Ceviche…

I tried capturing the air & culture of Santiago though these pictures. I hope that you will like them; and if you do, please leave a comment below.

The beautiful streets of Santiago

Plazza de Armas

Plazza de Armas Chile Santiago

Plazza de Armas

El Mercado Central Sasntiago de chile

El Mercado Central

Empenadas of Cheese & chrimp. Yum!

Empenadas of Cheese & chrimp. Yum!

Chilean clams are the best!

Chilean clams are the best!

Pink Clams. Something I only saw in Chile!

Baked chrimp & cheese.

Baked chrimp & cheese.

The colors of Bellavista

Como Agua Para Chocolade restaurant, came highly recommended in Bellavista.

Cocktails in Come de Agua Para Chocolade

Touring the Vineyard of Andurraga

The beautiful Andurraga

Sunsets over the Andes in Santiago 🙂

San Cristobal Hill

Views from Santiago


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