In Montauk: The Hamptons in an affordable way

I spent the loveliest time in Montauk. I chilled by the beach, went to the lighthouse, had my share of seafood; all while not breaking the bank (affordable is my jam!). The Hamptons can be a beautiful getaway, if you follow some of my tips to avoid any financial strain.

I first knew Montauk from watching Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind. That was years ago. I, only last week, got a chance to visit. We drove from New Jersey (Bergen County), crossing New York City, then all along the Hamptons and its many beaches to finally reach the tip of Long Island, Montauk. That tip- with its orange-striped lighthouse and unobstructed atlantic views, light pink sand and blue water, cooler weather- has become my favorite place on the East Coast.


a). Pack Groceries, Snacks & Plan for Food: 

Whether you are staying for a day or a week, make sure you are stocked on snacks and any groceries you would need. It’s not easy to find grocery shops around The Hamptons in general, and when you do, prices are inflated. Even if you are there for a day, pack your bars and nuts, crisps and beach snacks.

b). Keep your parking receipts (they are valid at multiple locations):  

Your Parking receipt to the beach Hither Hills , is valid at the lighthouse and at most of Montauk attractions; so you don’t have to pay for parking multiple times a day.

When you reach Montauk, you will notice that it is much more low-key than the rest of The Hamptons (that I find pretentious, by the way). The town has a true air of beach holidays, small shops everywhere, Inn’s & small hotels, and long walkways to the beach.

c).  Book your Inn ahead of time: 

You can find beautiful Boutique hotels for maximum $150 a night, even during peak summer. But, to prevent any surge of prices, make sure you book ahead of time. Although, Montauk is generally cheaper than the rest of The Hamptons, and you can find small places to rent.


d). Research the restaurants and get familiar with prices: 

Yelp is my friend. Most places in Montauk (although cheaper than The Hamptons) were still not worth it- sorry but its the truth. I am not going to pay $20 for an omelette. But, I will pay that amount for a good Clam Chowder. We found a bunch of places that offer the local specialties for a good price and a view. My go-to-place was Rick’s Crabby Cowboy. It’s right on the Marina, with views of the docked boats & a good $8 Clam Chowder among other fresh seafood dishes 🙂


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