Glossier make-up review: my daily essentials

I came across Glossier around the same time I came cross Spirulina, almond milk and Instagram. I ordered some of the hero products to try and see what the hype is all about.

After 2 hours ogling at the Glossier website, I ordered the what seemed to fit my olive skin tone: Generation G in Zip, Haloscope in Topaz, Cloud Paint in Dusk.

My glossier essentials

From left to right: Haloscope in Topaz, Generation G in Zip, and Cloud Paint in Dusk.

 Haloscope in Topaz: 

I loved this product the moment I first tried it. I believe now all the hype around it. The texture is dewy and the shine particles are so tiny, you barely notice the highlight on your cheek. It’s more like you are glowing naturally. I like the burnt color of Topaz as it lifts my olive skin and it gives a bit more life.

Added tip: I use this product on the bridge of nose as well, for that sunkissed glow.

Generation G in Zip:

This lipstick is very easy to apply with a moist texture (kinda dry),  and very a concentrated color. but I still like to apply on a lip balm before I apply Generation G for an even application. I would definitely buy again for everyday use.

Added tip: I use this product on my cheek too, buy dabbing a little of it on my fingers first.

Cloud Paint in Dusk:

I am not so crazy about this product, maybe I chose a color too close to my skin tone, but I initially wanted to try this as a blush or contour creme, turns out I can’t notice it when I put it on. my bad. I am not sure if I will give this product another try. I might order other colors from Generation G and cross use them as a blush 🙂






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