The Voyager Girl

The Voyager Girl is a Travel & Lifestyle inspirational diary based in New York City. I hope to encourage people to explore the world more and add a little beauty to their daily life.

My Story

I started The Voyager Girl in the beginning of 2017 while I was on a trip to South America; I was laying in a hotel room in Chile,  waiting for Alladin to wake up – my husband, also, this is his real name-  and I realized that in less than a year I have visited 6 continents and had an unlimited amount of pictures (& tons of full SD cards!)  So, I went on and bought a few domain names & started experimenting with website design.

I settled on calling my little corner of the internet ‘The Voyager Girl’.

This is a space where I can write about my travels & showcase my pictures, to make you feel that you are on trip too, to hopefully inspire you, or to help you with useful information that can make your trips better. I also write about Lifestyle & Fashion, because of all the influences I pick-up when I travel, my style keeps on changing and maturing; and in a way style is a journey as well.

So, while I explore the world and unleash my creativity, I hope that you will enjoy reading The Voyager Girl & be inspired too.

If you read this far, don’t hesitate to say hello via : hello@thevoyagergirl.com

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So, thank you for supporting me & following along!

– Koko