7 Essential Travel Tips When Planning for The Maldives

The Maldives was heaven on Earth. I loved every bit of my time there. The place looks exactly like all the stock images. I spent a lot of time capturing pictures- you can see my travel diary here. I listed a few tips below based on my experience & research , to make your trip as magical as you want it to be:

  1. Pack swimming shoes, or  your feet will hurt from all the dead coral! unfortunately, most coral is dead due to global warming, which is devastating but also painful for your feet as most of the coral feels like hard rocks now  (even by shallow waters).
  2. Research the island of your resort,  as islands have different marine fauna & set of activities , so make sure you research before you go. There is an average of 1 to 2 resorts per island which means that you might be confined to the activities of your island if you don’t rent a boat. And since each island is known for a special marine specie or a set of activities, a little google on the resort/island of your choice might be very helpful to you. For example, some islands are known for glow in the dark Algae, or a type of sharks…
  3. Book the right hotel, as you are most likely to spend most of the time on one island. Transportation is not easy to arrange in the Maldives unless you rent a boat or your use a travel agent.
  4. Book at least one night in a water villa. It is a cliche, but a very sweet one. A morning swim and tanning in the privacy of your villa, is some real unparalleled luxury. I thought I was too cynical to enjoy something like this, but I loved it. Even on a budget, or while  backpacking through Male, you can find resorts that can offer the experience for affordable prices.
  5. Resort food is not that tasty & it is expensive, so pack some protein bars. Or plan an excursion to  Male, for some authentic Maldivian cuisine. Fish is a scarce resource in the Maldives (lots of fishing regulations), so don’t be surprised of you only  get to have only frozen fish throughout your trip .
  6. Pack Mosquito repellent & sunscreen. The islands are very lush and beautiful, hence Mosquitoes.
  7. Budget for extra activities. You might notice activities on the island that you’ll want to try. So make sure you inform your hotel ahead of time, as sometimes spots are limited. Also, not all islands have Scuba or Snorkeling, so a little research or a call to the hotel prior to the trip can help you avoid disappointments. You don’t need cash in the Maldives, everything can be done with credit cards (unless you are in Male).

travel tips for maldives

Have a safe trip! and let me know if you have any further tips.

– Koko


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